Master of Engineering in Biomedical Engineering

The overall objective of the Master of Engineering in Biomedical Engineering degree is to provide training relevant to professional employment in a biomedical engineering related field. The student must have a minimum 3.0/4.0 GPA in an engineering or science bachelor’s program to be admitted. Candidates should have prior technical coursework that will provide proficiency in areas that are relevant to the field of biomedical engineering.


BME 533Biostatistics3
or BME 433 Biomedical Engineering Applications of Statistics
or CHE 426 Statistical Tools for Engineers
or MATH 425 Statistical Methods
BME 553Advanced Quantitative Physiology3
or BME 453 Quantitative Physiology
BME 522Mathematical Methods in Biomedical Engineering3
or BME 422 Mathematical Methods for Biomedical Engineers
or CHE 439 Numerical and Data Analysis
or CHE 535 Applications of Mathematics to Chemical Engineering
Select three life science, advanced mathematics, computer science, and/or engineering courses9
Select four engineering and/or computer science courses, of which at least three are BME courses12
Total Credit Hours30