Master of Science in Technical Communication and Information Architecture

The M.S. in Technical Communication and Information Architecture enhances a technical communication core with specialized concepts, skills, and tools for designing, implementing, and managing websites and related digital media. This degree provides students with expertise for a number of tasks relevant to mid-level and advanced positions in the workplace: website design, website project management, information structure and retrieval, knowledge management, and usability testing and evaluation.


33 credit hours beyond the bachelor's degree including:

  • TCIA core (18 credit hours)
  • Electives (minimum of nine credit hours)
  • Project or thesis (minimum of three credit hours)


Project review or thesis exam


Students preparing for careers in industry are advised to take the project option, while students preparing for a Ph.D. may wish to take the thesis option. The exam committee for each option requires two Category 1 faculty members from the Department of Humanities, at least one of them from the graduate program in technology and humanities. Students may apply up to six credit hours in one of the following courses: COM 594 or COM 591.

Core Courses (18)
COM 525User Experience Research and Evaluation3
COM 528Document Design3
COM 529Technical Editing3
COM 530Standards-Based Web Design3
COM 531Web Application Development3
COM 541Information Structure and Retrieval3
or COM 542 Knowledge Management
Electives (9-12)
Select 9-12 credit hours 19-12
Master's Project or Thesis (3-6)
COM 594Project 23-6
or COM 591 Research and Thesis for Master's Degree

Minimum degree credits required: 33


9-12 credit hours of any 500-level COM course, or other relevant 500-level course within the Department of Humanities; or, with adviser and director approval, any 500-level course elsewhere in the university where a student meets the prerequisites.


Students pursuing the project option are required to take between three to six credit hours of COM 594; students pursuing the thesis option are required to take between three to six credit hours of COM 591.