Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering/Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

The dual degree, B.S.E.E./B.S.CP.E., combines all the essential elements of a broad-based, traditional B.S.E.E. degree with the modern and progressive aspects of a B.S.CP.E. degree. This program contributes to the foundation of the new millennium, where computer hardware and software are used in areas such as telecommunications, power electronics, digital signal processing, computer networks, and control systems. Freshmen entering the university with a significant number of Advanced Placement credits may be able to complete both degrees in four years.

Required Courses

Electrical Engineering Requirements (39)
ECE 100Introduction to the Profession I3
ECE 211Circuit Analysis I3
ECE 213Circuit Analysis II4
ECE 218Digital Systems4
ECE 242Digital Computers and Computing3
ECE 307Electrodynamics4
ECE 308Signals and Systems3
ECE 311Engineering Electronics4
ECE 319Fundamentals of Power Engineering4
ECE 441Smart and Connected Embedded System Design4
ECE 485Computer Organization and Design3
Computer Engineering Requirements (16)
CS 115Object-Oriented Programming I2
CS 116Object-Oriented Programming II2
CS 330Discrete Structures3
CS 331Data Structures and Algorithms3
CS 351Systems Programming3
CS 450Operating Systems3
Professional ECE Electives (9-12)
Select 9-12 credit hours9-12
Computer Systems/Software Elective (3-4)
Select one of the following:3-4
Introduction to Computer Networks with Laboratory4
Introduction to Computer Networks3
Introduction to Computer Cyber Security3
Object-Oriented Programming and Machine Learning3
Database Organization3
Software Engineering I3
Hardware-Design Elective (4)
ECE 429Introduction to VLSI Design4
or ECE 446 Advanced Logic Design
Mathematics Requirements (24)
MATH 151Calculus I5
MATH 152Calculus II5
MATH 251Multivariate and Vector Calculus4
MATH 252Introduction to Differential Equations4
MATH 333Matrix Algebra and Complex Variables3
MATH 374Probability and Statistics for Electrical and Computer Engineers3
Physics Requirements (11)
PHYS 123General Physics I: Mechanics4
PHYS 221General Physics II: Electricity and Magnetism4
PHYS 224General Physics III for Engineers3
Chemistry Requirement (3)
CHEM 122Principles of Chemistry I Without Laboratory3
Engineering Science Requirement (3)
MMAE 2003
or MMAE 320 Thermodynamics
Science Elective (3)
Select one of the following:3
Introduction to Biology3
Introduction to Human Biology3
Principles of Chemistry II Without Laboratory3
Materials Science3
Free Elective (3)
Select three credit hours3
Humanities and Social Sciences Requirements (21)
See Illinois Tech Core Curriculum, sections B and C21
Interprofessional Projects (IPRO) (6)
See Illinois Tech Core Curriculum, section E6
Minimum degree credits required: 146

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering/Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering Curriculum

Year 1
Semester 1Credit HoursSemester 2Credit Hours
ECE 1003MATH 1525
MATH 1515PHYS 1234
CHEM 1223CS 1162
CS 1152Science Elective13
Humanities 200-level Course3Social Sciences Elective3
 16 17
Year 2
Semester 1Credit HoursSemester 2Credit Hours
MATH 2524MATH 2514
PHYS 2214PHYS 2243
ECE 2113ECE 2134
ECE 2184ECE 2423
CS 3313CS 3303
 18 17
Year 3
Semester 1Credit HoursSemester 2Credit Hours
MATH 3333ECE 3083
ECE 3074ECE 3194
ECE 3114MMAE 200 or MMAE 3203
IPRO Elective I3Social Sciences Elective (300+)3
CS 3513Free Elective3
 17 16
Year 4
Semester 1Credit HoursSemester 2Credit Hours
ECE 4414ECE 48523
CS 4503Computer Systems/Software Elective33-4
MATH 3743ECE 429 or 4464
IPRO Elective II3Professional ECE Elective43-4
Humanities Elective (300+)3Social Sciences Elective (300+)3
 16 16-18
Year 5
Semester 1Credit Hours 
Professional ECE Elective43-4 
Professional ECE Elective43-4 
Humanities Elective (300+)3 
Humanities or Social Sciences Elective3 
Total Credit Hours: 145-149

Science elective must be BIOL 105, BIOL 114, CHEM 126, or MS 201.


CS 470 may be substituted with adviser approval.


Computer systems/software elective: Choose one of ECE 407, ECE 408, ECE 443, ECE 449, CS 425, or CS 487.


ECE 400-level course with (P) designation. A maximum of three credit hours of either ECE 491 or ECE 497.