Advanced ElectronicsX
Advanced ManufacturingXX
Advanced Software DevelopmentX
Aerospace EngineeringXX
Analytical ChemistryX
Analytical Method DevelopmentX
Analytical SpectroscopyX
Applied Cybersecurity and Digital ForensicsX
Applied Cybersecurity and Information TechnologyX
Applied ElectromagneticsX
Applied MathematicsXXXX
Applied PhysicsXX
Architectural EngineeringXXXXX
Artificial IntelligenceXX
Artificial Intelligence for Computer Vision and ControlX
Autonomous Systems and RoboticsX
Behavioral Health and WellnessX
Bioanalytical ChemistryX
Biological EngineeringXX
Biology for the Health ProfessionsXX
Biomedical Data Science and ModelingX
Biomedical EngineeringXXXX
Biomedical Imaging and SignalsX
Building CommissioningX
Building Energy ModelingX
Business AdministrationXXXX
Business Administration: Business AnalyticsX
Business Administration: CourseraX
Business Administration: Quantitative FinanceX
Business and EngineeringX
Business and Information Technology**X
Business and Psychology**X
Business ManagementX
Cell and Molecular BiologyX
Chemical EngineeringXXXX
Civil EngineeringXXX
Clinical CounselingX
Clinical Counseling with Advanced StandingX
Clinical PsychologyX
Communication SystemsX
Compliance and Pollution PreventionX
Computational Chemistry and BiochemistryX
Computational Decision Sciences and Operations ResearchX
Computational EngineeringX
Computational IntelligenceX
Computer and Cybersecurity EngineeringX
Computer EngineeringXXXXX
Computer Engineering in Internet of ThingsX
Computer Information SystemsXX
Computer Integrated Design and ManufacturingX
Computer ScienceXXXX
Construction Engineering and ManagementX
Construction ManagementX
Control SystemsX
Corporate Finance (Post-Graduate)X
Corporate Finance and ValuationX
Current Energy IssuesX
Cyber Forensics and SecurityX
Cyber-Physical SystemsX
Cyber Security EngineeringX
Cyber Security ManagementX
Cyber Security TechnologiesX
Data AnalyticsX
Data ScienceXX
Data Science: CourseraX
Database SystemsX
Design MethodsX
Distributed and Cloud ComputingX
Earthquake and Wind Engineering DesignX
Economic Development and Social EntrepreneurshipX
Economics and Business Analytics**X
Economics and CybersecurityX
Economics and Data AnalyticsX
Economics and Data Science**X
Economics and PolicyX
Electrical and Computer EngineeringX
Electrical EngineeringXXXX
Electricity MarketsXX
Emerging Technologies in BusinessX
Energy SystemsX
Engineering ManagementXX
Environmental ChemistryX
Environmental EngineeringXXXX
Financial EconomicsXX
Financial ToolboxX
Financial Services LawX
Financial TechnologyXX
Food Process EngineeringXXX
Food Processing SpecialistX
Food Safety and Industrial ManagementX
Food Safety and TechnologyXXX
Food Science and NutritionX
Forensic ChemistryX
Foundations of BusinessX
Foundations of Computer ScienceX
Foundations of EconomicsX
Fundamentals of FinanceX
Game Design and Experiential MediaX
Game Production ManagementX
Health PhysicsX
High Performance BuildingsX
Industrial-Organizational PsychologyXX
Industrial Technology and ManagementX*X
Industrial Technology and OperationsXX
Industrial TrainingX
Information Security and AssuranceX
Information TechnologyXXX
Information Technology and ManagementX*XX
Information Technology Innovation, Leadership, and EntrepreneurshipX
Infrastructure Engineering and ManagementX
Innovation and Emerging EnterprisesX
Instructional DesignX
Landscape ArchitectureXX
Management Science and AnalyticsXX
Manufacturing EngineeringX
Marketing AnalyticsXXX
Marketing ManagementX
Materials ChemistryXX
Materials Science and EngineeringXXXXX
Mechanical and Aerospace EngineeringXXX
Mechanical EngineeringXX
Medical Devices and BiomaterialsX
Medicinal ChemistryX
Microbiology and ImmunologyX
Molecular Biochemistry and BiophysicsXXX
Network EngineeringX
Networking and CommunicationsX
Nonprofit and Mission-Driven ManagementX
Nutrition ScienceX
People AnalyticsX
Pharmaceutical EngineeringXX
Polymer Science and EngineeringX
Portfolio ManagementX
Power ElectronicsX
Power EngineeringXX
Process Operations ManagementX
Product Quality and Reliability AssuranceX
Project ManagementX
Psychiatric RehabilitationX
Psychological ScienceXX
Psychology w/Specialization in Clinical PsychologyX
Psychology w/Specialization in Clinical Psychology: Rehabilitation TrackX
Psychology w/Specialization in Industrial-Organizational PsychologyX
Public AdministrationXX
Public Administration: AnalyticsX
Public HealthX
Public ManagementX
Public PolicyX
Public WorksX
Quantitative Methods for BusinessX
Quantitative Modeling and TradingX
Radiological PhysicsX
Recovery SupportX
Regulatory ScienceX
Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling with Advanced StandingX
Rehabilitation CounselingX
Rehabilitation Counseling EducationX
Rehabilitation Engineering TechnologyX
Risk ManagementX
Risk Management (Post-Graduate)X
Security, Safety, and Risk ManagementX
Sensor Science and TechnologyX
Sensor Technology for Experiential LearningX
Signal ProcessingX
Social and Economic Development PolicyX
Software EngineeringX
Strategic ManagementX
Structural EngineeringX
Sustainability Analytics and ManagementX
Sustainable EnterpriseX
System AdministrationX
Systems AnalysisX
Tall Buildings and Vertical UrbanismX
Technical CommunicationX
Technical Communication and Information ArchitectureX
Technological EntrepreneurshipXX
Technology and HumanitiesXX
Telecommunications and Software EngineeringX
Trading (Post-Graduate)X
Transportation EngineeringX
Transportation Systems PlanningX
Urban Systems EngineeringX
User Experience and User InterfaceX
VLSI and MicroelectronicsX
Web Design and Application DevelopmentX
Wireless Communications and Computer NetworksX
Wireless Communications EngineeringX

Programs Legend

BS/BAC Bachelor of Science, Professional Bachelor's
MAS Professional Master's
M.ENG. Master of Engineering
M.S. Master of Science
JD Juris Doctorate
JSD Doctor of Judicial Science
PHD Doctor of Philosophy
CER Post-Baccalaureate Certificate
DUAL DEGREE Dual Degree Option

Professional bachelor's: Bachelor of Architecture, Bachelor of Industrial Technology and Management, and Bachelor of Information Technology and Management


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