Certificate in Signal Processing

Those seeking expertise in the areas of signal and image processing should take this program, which offers a wide range of advanced courses in the areas of digital signal processing, data compression, image and speech processing, and pattern recognition.


Required Courses (6)
ECE 437Digital Signal Processing I3
or ECE 569 Digital Signal Processing II
ECE 565Computer Vision and Image Processing3
or ECE 566 Machine and Deep Learning
Elective Courses (6)
Select a minimum of two courses from the following: 16
Digital Signal Processing I3
Image Processing3
Artificial Intelligence and Edge Computing3
Applied Optimization for Engineers3
Imaging Theory & Applications3
Video Communications3
Internet of Things and Cyber Physical Systems3
Analysis of Random Signals3
Application Software Design3
Artificial Intelligence in Smart Grid3
Computer Vision and Image Processing3
Machine and Deep Learning3
Statistical Signal Processing3
Digital Speech Processing3
Digital Signal Processing II3
VLSI Architecture for Signal Processing and Communication Systems3
Object-Oriented Programming and Machine Learning3
Total Credit Hours12

No more than one selection may be a 400-level course.