Bachelor of Science in Biology/Bachelor of Science in Psychological Science

This program provides an integrated dual degree program leading to the Bachelor of Science in Biology and the Bachelor of Science in Psychological Science while maintaining the integrity and program content of each individual degree program.

This program has two main target audiences:

  1. Pre-health students (pre-MD, pre-clinical psychologist or psychiatrist) who are interested in neurological or behavioral issues. A challenging dual degree program will be an asset in the professional school application process, and this program will provide an excellent preparation for the MCAT.
  2. Students interested in moving on to graduate school in studies at the interface of biology and psychology, such as neuroscience, brain science, or cognitive science.

Required Courses

Biology Requirements (34)
BIOL 107General Biology Lectures3
BIOL 109General Biology Laboratory1
BIOL 115Human Biology3
BIOL 117Human Biology Laboratory1
BIOL 210Microbiology3
BIOL 214Genetics3
BIOL 225Microbiology Laboratory2
BIOL 401Introductory Biochemistry3
BIOL 402Metabolic Biochemistry3
BIOL 404Biochemistry Laboratory3
or BIOL 431 Animal Physiology Laboratory
or BIOL 446 Cell Biology Laboratory
BIOL 430Human Physiology3
BIOL 445Cell Biology3
BIOL 451Biological Literature2
BIOL 495Biology Colloquium1
Biology Electives (6)
Select six credit hours6
Chemistry Requirements (18)
CHEM 124Principles of Chemistry I with Laboratory4
CHEM 125Principles of Chemistry II with Laboratory4
CHEM 237Organic Chemistry I4
CHEM 239Organic Chemistry II3
CHEM 247Analytical Chemistry3
Physics Requirements (11)
PHYS 123General Physics I: Mechanics4
PHYS 221General Physics II: Electricity and Magnetism4
PHYS 224General Physics III for Engineers3
Mathematics Requirements (13-14)
MATH 151Calculus I5
MATH 152Calculus II5
MATH 425Statistical Methods3-4
or PSYC 203 Undergraduate Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences
Psychological Science Requirements (28)
PSYC 204Research Methods in Behavioral Science4
PSYC 221Introduction to Psychological Science3
PSYC 301Industrial Psychology3
or PSYC 303 Introduction to Psychopathology
PSYC 310Social Psychology3
PSYC 320Applied Correlation and Regression3
or PSYC 409 Psychological Testing
PSYC 414Neural and Biological Bases of Behavior3
PSYC 426Cognitive Science3
PSYC 435Child Development3
or PSYC 436 Adult Development
or PSYC 312 Human Motivation and Emotion
or PSYC 423 Learning Theory
PSYC 485Senior Capstone Project I3
or PSYC 312 Human Motivation and Emotion
or PSYC 423 Learning Theory
or PSYC 435 Child Development
or PSYC 436 Adult Development
Psychological Science Electives (9)
Select nine credit hours9
Introduction to the Profession (2-3)
BIOL 100Introduction to the Profession2-3
or PSYC 100 Introduction to the Profession
Computer Science Requirement (2)
CS 105Introduction to Computer Programming2
or CS 110 Computing Principles
Interprofessional Projects (IPRO) (6)
See Illinois Tech Core Curriculum, section E6
Humanities and Social Sciences Requirements (12)
See Illinois Tech Core Curriculum, sections B and C 112
Total Credit Hours141-143

B.S. Biology/B.S. Psychological Science students have a reduced humanities and social sciences requirement because six credit hours of social sciences are satisfied by six credit hours of psychology "S" designated courses.

Bachelor of Science in Biology/Bachelor of Science in Psychological Science Curriculum

Year 1
Semester 1Credit HoursSemester 2Credit Hours
BIOL 100 or PSYC 1002-3BIOL 1153
BIOL 1073BIOL 1171
PSYC 2213PSYC 3013
CHEM 1244CHEM 1254
MATH 1515MATH 1525
 CS 105 or 1102
 17-18 18
Year 2
Semester 1Credit HoursSemester 2Credit Hours
BIOL 1091BIOL 2103
BIOL 2143BIOL 2252
PSYC 3103Psychological Science Elective3
CHEM 2374CHEM 2393
PHYS 1234PHYS 2214
Humanities 200-level Course3Humanities Elective (300+)3
 18 18
Year 3
Semester 1Credit HoursSemester 2Credit Hours
BIOL 4453BIOL 4303
Biology Elective3BIOL 4951
PSYC 4143PSYC 2044
PHYS 2243PSYC 320 or 4093
IPRO Elective I3MATH 425 or PSYC 2033-4
Social Sciences Elective3IPRO Elective II3
 18 17-18
Year 4
Semester 1Credit HoursSemester 2Credit Hours
BIOL 4013BIOL 4023
BIOL 404, 431, or 4463BIOL 4512
Psychological Science Elective3CHEM 2473
PSYC 4263PSYC 435 or 4363
Biology Elective3PSYC 4853
Humanities Elective (300+)3Psychological Science Elective3
 18 17
Total Credit Hours: 141-143