Certificate in Public Management

The Certificate in Public Management is a convenient way for career professionals to increase their knowledge and skills in areas of public management that are most important to their career interests and needs. Students choose among a wide range of courses addressing effective financial and systems management in government, community and regional planning and policy making, information technology, performance measurement, policy evaluation analytics, and more.

Several certificate programs are offered in public administration. These programs provide students with a post-baccalaureate knowledge of an area of specialization in public administration. Students in these programs register as certificate students. Certificate programs require a set of four courses. Students who are admitted to a master’s degree program may apply coursework previously taken in a certificate program toward the requirements for the master’s degree.

This certificate is designed for professionals who want to increase their knowledge and skills in public management but do not currently have the time to pursue a Master of Public Administration degree.


Core Courses (12)
Select a minimum of one course from the following:3
Introduction to Public Administration3
Organizational Behavior 3
Public Financial Optimization and Management3
Select a minimum of three courses from the following:9
Comparative Public Administration3
Information Technology in Public Administration3
Human Resource Management3
Advanced Financial Management for Public and Nonprofit Sectors3
Local Government Management3
Alternative Dispute Resolution3
Performance Measurement in Nonprofit and Public Management3
Public Infrastructure Management and Financing3
Public Management Strategies for the 21st Century3
Urban and Metropolitan Government3
Optimization in Policy and Administration3
Planning, Policy-Making, and the Built Environment3
Ethics and Professional Responsibility in Public Service3
Policy Forecasting and Evaluation 3
Total Credit Hours12