Certificate in Trading (Post-Graduate)

The Certificate in Trading focuses on the modeling of derivative security prices, interest rates, and the derivative trading strategies that make use of these techniques. The modeling classes are applicable to many markets, while the trading class focuses on the active and complex energy markets.

Several certificate programs are offered in a number of disciplines taught at the Stuart School of Business. These programs provide students with a post-baccalaureate knowledge of an area of specialization within the discipline. Students in these programs register as certificate students. Certificate programs require a set of three or four courses. Students who are admitted to a master’s degree program may apply coursework previously taken in a certificate program toward the requirements for the master’s degree.

This certificate is designed for professionals who seek to increase their knowledge and skills in a particular area, as well as earn stackable credentials as part of a degree program.


Select a minimum of three courses from the following:9
MSF 576
High Frequency Finance and Technology3
MSF 584
MSF 585
Total Credit Hours9