Certificate in Construction Management

The Certificate in Construction Management is a preparatory coursework-only non-degree program oriented toward individuals who are working in related areas of the construction industry to gain expertise in construction management that they may use in their jobs or as a steppingstone from a bachelor’s degree in other disciplines to transition their career path into construction management. The certificate requires taking four courses (12 credit hours) in the Construction Management area. The program is designed to be taken standalone for gaining introductory knowledge or in preparation for gaining advanced knowledge in the Master of Engineering in Construction Engineering and Management program.


Required Courses (12)
Select a minimum of four courses from the following:12
Construction Methods and Cost Estimating3
Construction Planning and Scheduling3
Construction Site Operation3
Construction Contract Administration3
Introduction to Building Information Modeling3
Legal Issues in Civil Engineering3
Lean Construction and Control3
Construction Business Operations and Cost Accounting & Control3
Construction Management with Building Information Modeling3
Economic Decision Analysis in Civil Engineering3
Systems Analysis in Civil Engineering3
Applications of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs or "Drones") for Construction Projects3
Construction Equipment Management3
Construction Claims Management3
Real Estate Fundamentals for Engineers and Architects3
Total Credit Hours12