Master of Public Works

The Master of Public Works degree is the most widely recognized educational credential for professionals engaged in public works and infrastructure engineering and management. This program is offered in cooperation with the university's Master of Public Policy and  Administration program.


Required Courses (9)
Select a minimum of three courses from the following:9
Statistical Analysis of Engineering Data3
Introduction to Geographic Information Systems3
Legal Issues in Civil Engineering3
Economic Decision Analysis in Civil Engineering3
Systems Analysis in Civil Engineering3
Statistical Models and Methods3
Introduction to Public Administration3
Public Infrastructure Management and Financing3
Elective Courses (21)
Select 21 credit hours (see recommended courses below) 121
Total Credit Hours30

If more than three courses from the required courses list are taken, those additional courses can be applied as electives

Recommended Elective Coursework by Subject

Construction Management

CAE 471Construction Planning and Scheduling3
CAE 472Construction Site Operation3
CAE 473Construction Contract Administration3
CAE 474Introduction to Building Information Modeling3
CAE 569Construction Methods, Cost Estimating, and Project Budgeting3
CAE 570Legal Issues in Civil Engineering3
CAE 571Lean Construction and Control3

Geo-environmental Engineering

CAE 482Hydraulic Design of Open Channel Systems3
CAE 486Soil and Site Improvement3
CAE 562Engineering Behavior of Soil4
CAE 564Design of Foundations, Embankments and Earth Structures4
CAE 565Rock Mechanics and Tunneling4
CAE 566Earthquake Engineering and Soil Dynamics4
CAE 589Groundwater Hydrology and Sampling3
CAE 590Geotechnical Landfill Design and Maintenance3
ENVE 401Introduction to Water Resources Engineering3
ENVE 402Introduction to Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Design3
ENVE 404Water and Wastewater Engineering3
ENVE 463Introduction to Air Pollution Control3
ENVE 522Global Environmental Change and Sustainability Analysis3
ENVE 523Geoenvironmental Engineering3
ENVE 528Modeling of Environmental Systems3
ENVE 580Hazardous Waste Engineering3

Public Administration - Administration Process

PA 502Organizational Behavior 3
PA 503Administration Law3
PA 522Human Resource Management3
PA 532Public Financial Optimization and Management3
PA 533Advanced Financial Management for Public and Nonprofit Sectors3

Public Administration - Policy Planning

PA 537Crisis Management and Homeland Security3
PA 538Information Systems Security and Cyber Crime3
PA 539Local Government Management3
PA 562Urban and Metropolitan Government3
PA 578Planning, Policy-Making, and the Built Environment3
PA 588Incident Response, Disaster Recovery, and Business Continuity3

Structural Engineering

CAE 436Design of Masonry and Timber Structures3
CAE 504Seismic Retrofit and Earthquake Hazard Reduction4
CAE 506Building Envelope Rehabilitation3
CAE 508Advanced Bridge Engineering3
CAE 518Advanced Reinforced Concrete3
CAE 519Structural Forensic Engineering3
CAE 520Buckling of Structures4
CAE 525Advanced Steel Structures3
CAE 551Prestressed Concrete3
CAE 561Structural Reliability and Probabilistic Bases of Design3

Transportation Engineering

CAE 416Facility Design of Transportation Systems3
CAE 417Railroad Engineering and Design3
CAE 419Introduction to Transportation Engineering and Design3
CAE 540Asphalt and Concrete Mix Design3
CAE 541Pavement Evaluation and Management3
CAE 543Demand Models for Urban Transportation3
CAE 544Urban Transportation Planning4
CAE 545Traffic Operations and Flow Theory3
CAE 546Public Transportation Systems3
CAE 547Advanced Traffic Engineering3
CAE 548Transportation Systems Management3
CAE 549Transportation Economics, Development and Policy3
CAE 555Transportation Systems Evaluation3
CAE 568Transportation Asset Management3
CAE 580Intelligent Transportation Systems3
CAE 581Algorithms in Transportation3
MATH 522Mathematical Modeling3
MATH 542Stochastic Processes3
MATH 563Mathematical Statistics3
MATH 564Regression3
MATH 565Monte Carlo Methods3
MATH 571Data Preparation and Analysis3
MATH 574Bayesian Computational Statistics3