Certificate in Environmental Engineering

The Certificate in Environmental Engineering is a preparatory coursework-only non-degree program oriented toward students who wish to gain introductory knowledge in environmental engineering. The program is intended for preparation for advanced engineering practice rooted in the principles of physics, mathematics, biology, chemistry, and mathematics to develop solutions to environmental problems, including air and water pollution control, waste and wastewater management, and more. The program is designed to be taken standalone for gaining introductory knowledge or in preparation for gaining advanced knowledge in the Master of Engineering in Environmental Engineering program.


Select a minimum of three courses from the following:9
Introduction to Water Resources Engineering3
Introduction to Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Design3
Water and Wastewater Engineering3
Introduction to Air Pollution Control3
Environmental Chemistry3
Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety3
Modeling of Environmental Systems3
Physicochemical Processes in Environmental Engineering3
Indoor Air Pollution3
Hazardous Waste Engineering3
Total Credit Hours9