Master of Science in Psychology

The M.S. in Psychology is exclusively a preliminary degree for students working toward a Ph.D. The aim is to evaluate and prepare students for work beyond the master of science.


Required Courses (18)
PSYC 501Biological Bases of Behavior3
PSYC 502Social Bases of Behavior3
PSYC 503Cognitive and Affective Bases3
PSYC 504Individual and Cultural Differences3
PSYC 545Graduate Statistics I3
PSYC 546Graduate Statistics II3
Track requirements (Clinical and I-O) (9)
Select nine credit hours9
Thesis Research (6)
PSYC 591Research and Thesis M.S.6
Total Credit Hours33

The core four course sequence of PSYC 501- PSYC 504 constitutes the comprehensive requirement for the degree. Students must complete it with a minimum of a “B” average and no more than one “C” in these four core courses. Core courses must be completed within two years after the sequence is started.

The remaining courses are planned by the student and adviser according to the requirements of the student’s program area as noted below. No more than 12 credit hours may be taken below the 500-level. More detailed information concerning requirements for specialization in the areas of clinical or industrial-organizational psychology is available from the department.

Upon completion of the thesis, the student must satisfactorily complete an oral examination, which is limited to a defense of the thesis.

Additional courses for Clinical students

PSYC 506Therapy I3
PSYC 510Clinical Assessment I3
PSYC 526Psychopathology3
Total Credit Hours9

 Additional courses for I-O students

PSYC 529Personnel Selection and Evaluation3
PSYC 556Organizational Psychology3
Select one elective3
Total Credit Hours9