Master of Science in People Analytics


IO Psychology Core Courses (9)
PSYC 511Psychometric Theory3
PSYC 529Personnel Selection and Evaluation3
PSYC 556Organizational Psychology3
Statistics and Data Science Courses (15)
PSYC 545Graduate Statistics I3
PSYC 546Graduate Statistics II3
CS 425Database Organization3
CS 422Data Mining3
or CS 484 Introduction to Machine Learning
CSP 571Data Preparation and Analysis3
Internship (3)
PSYC 558Industrial Psychology Internship I3
Electives (6)
Select 6 CR from the following6
Performance Appraisal Seminar3
Organizational Attitudes and Behavioral Seminar3
Occupational Health Psychology3
Seminar in Personnel Selection3
Legal Issues in Human Resource Management3
Seminar in Industrial Training3
Graduate Psychology Seminar3
Assessment Centers1.5
Individual Assessment for Industrial/Organizational Psychology1.5
Consulting Fundamentals1.5
Machine Learning in Industrial-Organizational Psychology1.5