Certificate in Regulatory Science


Required courses (10-12)
CHEM 518Understanding the International Conference on Harmonization Guidelines3
CHEM 519Good Manufacturing Practices3
Select four to six credit hours from the designated regulatory science electives4-6
Total Credit Hours10-12

Regulatory Science Electives 

BIOL 410Medical Microbiology3
BIOL 445Cell Biology3
BIOL 503Virology3
BIOL 504Biochemistry3
BIOL 512Advanced Biochemistry3
BIOL 514Toxicology3
BIOL 515Molecular Biology3
BIOL 526Developmental Biology3
BIOL 527Immunology and Immunochemistry3
BIOL 530Human Physiology3
BIOL 542Advanced Microbiology3
BIOL 544Molecular Biology of Cells3
BIOL 545Advanced Cell Biology3
BIOL 550Bioinformatics3
BIOL 555Macromolecular Structure3
BIOL 562Current Topics in Functional Genomics3
CHEM 500Advanced Analytical Chemistry3
CHEM 505Spectroscopic Methods I3
CHEM 508Analytical Methods Development2
CHEM 700Practical Laboratory for Analytical Chemistry2
CHEM 509Physical Methods of Characterization3
CHEM 512Spectroscopic Methods II2
CHEM 515Gas Chromatography -- Theory and Practice3
CHEM 516Liquid Chromatography -- Theory and Practice3
CHEM 524Synthesis and Intellectual Property Management2
CHEM 542Polymer Characterization and Analysis3
CHEM 543Analytical Chemistry in Pharmaceutical Laboratories2
CHEM 544Colloids and Colloid Analysis2