Juris Doctor


LAW 251Contracts5
LAW 253Torts5
LAW 257Criminal Law3
LAW 258Civil Procedure5
LAW 261Property4
LAW 275Constitutional Law4
LAW 259Legal Writing I3
LAW 260Legal Writing II2
LAW 431Legal Writing 31
LAW 432Legal Writing 43
LAW 206Legislation: Process & Interpretation3
LAW 415Professional Responsibility 12
In addition to the above specific course requirements, students are also required to complete a two-credit seminar on any seminar topic among a range of topics on-offer in a given semester. 2
In addition to the above course requirements, students are required to complete a total of six credits in experiential courses from a designated list of such courses. However, the one credit for LAW 431 - Legal Writing 3 - and the three credits from LAW 432 - Legal Writing 4 - are automatically applied toward the six total credits of experiential courses. Thus, the experiential course requirement for purposes of credit for this comment is two credits. 22
To earn the 43 remaining credits required to earn the 87 total credits necessary for the JD degree, students select among a wide array of elective courses in various areas of substantive law and practical legal skills. The elective courses in the curriculum are designed to allow students to gain a deeper understanding of particular substantive areas of law relevant to their career plans and refine their legal skills relevant to career objectives. 43
Total Credit Hours87

The Professional Responsibility (LAW 415) course requirement may be satisfied by any one of several other professional responsibility courses which are tailored to specialized areas of law and practice such as (LAW 142) Practice and Professionalism, (LAW 134) Professional Responsibility: Business Ethics, and (LAW 137) Ethics and Advocacy.


The current and approved list of courses that satisfy the experiential course requirement consists of traditional courses, clinical courses, and for-credit externship/field placements.  The list of approved experiential courses contains over 40 courses, is updated periodically, and is posted to the law school's website at:  https://kentlaw.iit.edu/sites/default/files/2023-11/Approved_Experiential_Course_List_May_2023_0.pdf