International Partner Research Project

A student who is admitted to a dual degree program with Illinois Tech and a European partner institution may have a requirement (or option) to complete a research project to satisfy the home institution’s degree requirements. This research may not be directly applicable to the Illinois Tech master's project or thesis research requirements. 

The student must declare when the International Partner Research Project (INIP) is required, or desired, during the first semester of enrollment at Illinois Tech. Declaration of the INIP is completed from Graduate Degree Works by selecting the eForms tab, then selecting the Change Program option. The INIP program option request must be approved by the Illinois Tech academic adviser and academic unit approver, with final approval by the Office of Academic Affairs.

The student is required to reserve at least one required credit hour of registration at Illinois Tech for use during the summer session, when INIP research is being conducted during that term. The student must also file for summer graduation (not spring) when INIP research will be conducted during the summer term. If the student fails to declare the INIP, and/or the Illinois Tech degree requirements are satisfied in the spring semester, the student will lose the opportunity to complete an INIP when the Illinois Tech degree is conferred.