Master of Pharmaceutical Engineering


Core Courses (12)
CHE 506Entrepreneurship and Intellectual Property Management3
CHE 577Bioprocess Engineering3
CHE 583Pharmaceutical Engineering3
CHE 585Drug Delivery3
Elective Courses (18) 1
Select 18 credit hours from the following courses:18
Molecular Biology3
Introduction to Regulatory Science for Engineers3
Biotechnology for Engineers3
Technologies for Treatment of Diabetes3
Reaction Kinetics for Biomedical Engineering3
Quantitative Aspects of Cell andTissue Engineering3
Introduction to Medical Devices, BioMEMS and Microfluidics 3
Statistical Tools for Engineers3
Transport Phenomena3
Process Design Optimization3
Process Analytical Technology 3
Technologies for Treatment of Diabetes3
Chemical Reaction Engineering3
Applications of Mathematics to Chemical Engineering3
Polymerization Reaction Engineering3
Metabolic Engineering3
Statistical Quality and Process Control3
Interfacial and Colloidal Phenomena with Applications3
Seminar in Chemical Engineering (may be taken twice)1
Special Projects3-6
Understanding the International Conference on Harmonization Guidelines3
Good Manufacturing Practices3
Analytical Chemistry in Pharmaceutical Laboratories2
Practical Laboratory for Analytical Chemistry2
Solidification and Crystal Growth3
Other approved electives from CHE, CHEM, BME, BIOL, including:
CHE 593 Seminar in Chemical Engineering
Total Credit Hours30